Hand made Echizen Japanese paper, wide version postcard set with frame [Sukeroku] Set

Four wide-format postcards finished with hand-made Echizen Japanese paper are set in a frame painted in black on a fir tree and a stand made of PET material. You can enjoy the display without getting tired by changing it to your favorite pattern. We prepared 3 types of sets.

◆ Price 2000 yen (tax included)

◆ Size
Postcard body: W225 x H110mm
Frame stand: W 237 x H 125 x D 10 mm

◆ Specifications / Material
Hand made Echizen Washi
With fir tree frame
With PET material stand

◆ Type: all three kinds (each postcard four pieces, frame, stand set)

◆ Set contents (postcard type)
※ (In parentheses is the name of a single item)

[Sukeroku] Set
・ Tadakiyo Torii 《Kabuki major 18 programs, Agemaki no Sukeroku》 (ASAI-06_washiPC-03-O.jpg)
・Chikanobu Yoshu 《Kana Tehon Chushingura 10th Stage》(ASAI-08_washiPC-05-O.jpg)
・ Kunimasa Utagawa the 4th 《 Kiwametsuki Banzuiin Chobe 》 (ASAI-16_washiPC-13-O.jpg)
・Kunichika Toyohara 《Tokyo Three Boys Competition》 (ASAI-10_washiPC-07-O.jpg)