Sadahide Utagawa

Bunka 4th (1807) born, Meiji 12th (1879) died
Sadahide was the discipline of Kunisada Utagawa the 1st. Kunisada’s name is engraved with 11 names of Kunisada’s students on the back of the monument "Toyokuni Utagawa 1st’s memorial statue” in Honjo-Yanagishima-Myokendo, in spite Sadahide was only 22 years old, his name is positioned at the 4th in the line, so it seems that his future was expected from the young age.

From the latter half of Tenpo, He draw a number of stunning birds-eye views using the perspective method for landscape paintings such as "Hakkei Japan Tour" and "Oedo Jyukkei".

Walking himself from Hokkaido to Kyushu, draw a bird's-eye view, also known as "flying artist".
During the third year of Keio's Paris Expo, he worked with Yoshimune Utagawa as representatives of Ukiyoe.

In the Ukiyo-e master's ranking of the first year of Meiji, Sadahide acquired the first place and was the most famous artist at the time.
He also painted Yokohama pictures, and his precise depiction and screen composition are highly valued.
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