Cool art Tokyo about


Cool Art Tokyo is treating “Japan's one of the leading Ukiyoe collection owned by Asai Collection

The Asai Collection, with the history of over 120 years since its establishment, is one of the nation's leading Ukiyoe collections,
with many real Ukiyoe arts, mainly in the late Edo period and the early Meiji period.
Asai Collection holds many kind of Ukiyoe, created by the famous artists, such as Toyokuni Utagawa the 1st, Kunisada Utagawa the 1st,
Kuniyoshi Utagawa, Hiroshige Utagawa the 1st, and their families, Yoshitoshi Tsukioka, Yoshiiku Ochiai, Kunichika Toyohara,
Sadahide Utagawa, Mousai Nagashima, Chikanobu Yoshu, Kyosai Kawanabe and Gekko Ogata.

Masaru Tokinoya, Professor Emeritus of Osaka University, commented in his book,
"Regarding the Ukiyoe period of the Bakumatsu Meij, there may be no more comprehensive collections than the Asai Collection."
Before the war, the Ukiyoe Art Exhibitions of the Asai Collection has been held in various museums
and department stores, including the Osaka Castle Tenshukaku Museum, but for the last 40 years,
we have not been actively introduced.

However, as globalization has been accelerating and attention has been focused on Japanese culture,
we received voices that this valuable Japanese heritage should be introduced widely internal
Japan and abroad, and it will be introduced by exhibitions.
We also decided to carry out the development of elaborate reproductions and goods.
The exhibitions of Ukiyoe from the Asai Collection held at the Beijing Today Art Museum and
the Shanghai World Expo Museum in China in 2021 were great success with over 200,000 visitors.
The exhibition was supported by the China Cultural Relics Exchange Center
(a Chinese government agency that organizes cultural events) and the Japanese Embassy in China.

What’s “Cool Art Tokyo “?

Cool Art Tokyo is a company established by Asai Collection in order to introduce the Ukiyoe and Asai collection, which are valuable cultural heritage of Japan, to the world.
We will do the following business.

    •    Preservation of Ukiyoe, a valuable cultural heritage that Japan is proud of.
    •    Introducing Ukiyoe and Japanese Art to Japan and abroad.
    •    Providing Ukiyoe in Edo and Meiji Period to domestic and foreign exhibitions related to Ukiyoe.
    •    Planning and carrying out an exhibition on Ukiyoe.
    •    Planning, production, and sales of digital NFTs, reproduced Ukiyoe arts, and related goods of Ukiyoe, etc.
    •    Rental of digital contents.
    •    Development of digital catalogs, etc.

In addition, a part of the Ukiyoe held by the Asai Collection is cataloged by story.  Please see the contents.