NFT Preservation of Ukiyoe culture by the Asai Collection and its dissemination in Japan and abroad

Ukiyoe is the pride of Japan's traditional culture. Ukiyoe dynamically conveys the glamorous culture of the Edo period and the turbulent Meiji period to the present day. Ukiyoe are also valuable as historical documents, as they provide a glimpse into the true circumstances of events in Japanese history, as well as the now-lost performances of Kabuki. In addition, the bold compositions drawn by masters of the era such as Kuniyoshi Utagawa and Yoshitoshi Tsukioka have something like roots with modern animation.
The Asai Collection has preserved the vivid colors and wonderful textures of the vast number of Ukiyoe works collected by Yusuke Asai, the founder of the Asai Collection, since around 1897.
In addition, in light of the current situation where the number of people interested in Japanese culture is greatly increasing around the world, we will continue our activities to introduce Japanese Ukiyoe to the world.
In order to continue our activities for the preservation of Ukiyoe culture and to promote Japanese culture both in Japan and abroad, we have decided to sell "Kasane Grafica," a made-to-order reproduction of Ukiyoe at a highly skilled studio in Kyoto, and digital Ukiyoe art with NFT protection of the owner's rights.
The digital Ukiyoe with NFT is a limited edition certified by the Asai Collection, one of the leading Ukiyoe collections in Japan.
We hope that you will take this opportunity to support the Ukiyoe cultural preservation activities of the Asai Collection.