Kasanes Graphica “Funa Bankei” Kougyo 1922-25

Kasane Graphica

Kasanes Graphica
“Funa Bankei”
Kougyo 1922-25

Descriptions Physical print created with the Kasane Graphica Tehnique

H 370 x W 250 mm

No Frame
It is Funabenkei drawn in Noh woodblock prints.
Funabenkei is famous for Noh and Kabuki. In the world of Noh, which is one of Japan's representative traditional cultures, the world after death is often depicted and the ghosts play an active role.
The person who appears in this picture is also the ghost of Tomomori Taira.
At the end of the Heian period, the Heike, whose lost to Yoshitsune Minamoto in the Battle of Dannoura and sank in the sea, was grudge against Yoshitsune.
At that time, Yoshitsune Minamoto was being chased by the army of Yoritomo, in conflict with his brother Yoritomo Minamoto. Yoshitsune boarded a boat from Suma to escape from Kyoto to Kyushu with Benkei and a few of his subordinates.
On the way, however, the ghost of the Heike general, Tomomori Taira, appeared, and a storm occurred to try to bring Yoshitsune into the sea.
Yoshitsune was saved by Benkei's struggles, but Yoshitsune was unable to go to Kyushu and was forced to escape to Tohoku.
In Noh, the performer puts on a Noh mask to represent the dead.

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