(50 Limited Editions)Cool Treasures Kasanes Graphica #4 “Yoshitoshi Brave Samurais, Goro Soga Yokimune, Goromaru Gosyo”

Kasane Graphica
Cool Treasures Kasanes Graphica #4

Cool Treasures Kasanes Graphica #4
“Yoshitoshi Brave Samurais, Goro Soga Yokimune, Goromaru Gosyo”(50 Limited Editions)

Descriptions Physical print created with the Kasane Graphica Tehnique

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H 333x W235 mm

No Frame

NFT Certificate Protected
In 1193, Yoritomo Minamoto held major hunting on the Mt. Fuji field.
At that time, a major incident occurred.
Yoritomo’s subordinate Suketsune Kudo was attacked and killed by the Soga Brothers.
In the past, the brothers of Soga Juro Sukenari and Soga Goro Tokimune aimed for the chance to revenge Suketsune Kudo, who killed their father.
During the major hunting, they sneaked into Suketsune Kudo's dormitory and succeeded the revenge.
Elder brother Juro was defeated by Tadatsune Nitta, but younger brother Goro sneaked into the dormitory of Yoritomo Minamoto.
However, Goromaru Gosho, pretending to be a woman, caught and took control of Goro Soga.
Since the Soga brothers were relatives of Tokimasa Hojyo, it is said that Tokimasa tried to assassinate Yoritomo.
This is the famous scene filled with reality painted by Yoshitoshi Tsukioka. It is also featured in Kabuki many times.
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